How to make stockings in stockings

How to make stockings in stockings

How to make stockings in stockings

In the world of sexy underwear, stockings have always been an important sexy underwear.It has both a significant sexy effect and a comfortable dress.Therefore, choosing the right stockings is not only to make yourself more sexy, but more importantly, to ensure that you are comfortable to wear, but also consider your most suitable matching method.Below, let’s learn how to become the best sexy underwear together.

1. Material

The material of stockings is very important, which directly affects comfort and beauty.Common materials include nylon, silk, cotton, velvet, etc.Among them, nylon and silk stockings have both gloss and can create more tempting and personal effects.And cotton and velvet stockings give people a softer and more comfortable dressing feeling.

2. Color

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The color of stockings can be adjusted according to its own needs.If you want to emit a sexy atmosphere, you can choose dark stockings such as black, light gray or purple.And if you want to emphasize your cute or fresh exotic style, you can choose light -colored or bright stockings.At the same time, mixing and matching are also a good choice, such as black stockings with white skirts will have very good results.

3. Style

The style of stockings is also diverse. From socks to long uniforms, from mesh to gauze, they all have their own characteristics.The more common are light mouth, soft mouth and transparent socks.Soft -mouth stockings are often more suitable for ordinary daily wear, while transparent socks can highlight the charming beauty of the figure.

4. Size

It is very important to choose the size of stockings, which not only affects the beauty of the upper body, but also affects the comfort of wearing.If the socks are too small, you will feel your feet; if the socks are too large, it will not fit the skin.Therefore, when choosing stockings, you must pay attention to your body shape and height to ensure the most suitable size.

5. Match

The matching of stockings is also very important. Correct matching can shape a more perfect curve for the human body, and different matching methods will also show different sexy styles.If you want to show a noble and sexy temperament, you can choose to match a long skirt or dress; if you want a more naive and lovely atmosphere, you can choose to match with a short -sleeved top or short skirt.

6. Maintenance

Maintaining stockings is very important. It can not only extend the service life, but also ensure comfort and beauty.When cleaning stockings, do not use bleached water or powerful detergent, but also pay attention to hand washing and air drying.At the same time, you should avoid sitting, walking or rubbing for a long time when using stockings, otherwise it will be easily damaged.

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7. Scenery

The occasion of stockings is also very important.In different occasions, we can choose different stockings. For example, in relatively formal occasions, we can choose a shiny black stockings or pattern skin color stockings; and in a relatively casual occasion, you can choose fish net socks orLace stockings and so on.

8. Confidence

Finally, no matter what kind of stockings you choose, the most important thing is to maintain confidence.Only a self -confident woman can truly show her sexy and beautiful. If you like a certain stockings style or color, then try bravely and not affect yourself by the eyes of others.


In fact, the most important thing for the choice of stockings is to choose according to your body and temperament.We can refer to some matching techniques and precautions, but do not blindly follow the trend, otherwise not only cannot show their unique sexy and beautiful beauty, but also make ourselves the focus of watching others.Therefore, when choosing stockings, it is best to keep awake and confidence, find your best option, and let yourself truly show the most beautiful side.