Sexy underwear hollow bra

Sexy underwear hollow bra

Sexy underwear hollow bra

With the continuous development of the times, people’s aesthetic concepts are constantly changing.And sexy underwear, as a hearty clothing, is constantly changing.Among them, hollow bras have become a popular style of sexy underwear.This article will introduce the hollow bras from the characteristics of style, suitable for crowd, matching skills, etc., hoping to help people in need.

1. Features: hollow design

The biggest feature of the hollow bras is its hollow design.In the case of ensuring basic coverage, the hollow design has become more sexy, which greatly improves the comfort of wearing, and also highlights the beauty of the chest lines.

2. Suitable for the crowd: pursuing sexy women

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The hollow bras have obvious advantages in sexy aspect, so it is more suitable for pursuing sexy women.On the occasion of wearing, hollow bras are more suitable for wearing or. It is not recommended to wear it when they are in contact with their lover.

Third, styles: Triangle Cup, flat mouth cup, etc.

The hollow bras are rich in styles, including triangular cups, flat mouth cups, ultra -thin, and picky types.Among them, the style of the triangular cups and flat -mouth cups is more common, and the ultra -thin and picked style suitable for those fair skin, because only this can truly show beauty.

Fourth, fabrics: linen, lace, velvet, etc.

In terms of fabric selection, there are also many options for hollow bras.Such as linen, lace, velvet and other materials, each material will bring people different feelings.Therefore, it is also important to choose a fabric that suits you.

Five, color: black, white, red, etc.

In terms of color, hollow bras also have many different choices.Among them, black, white, red, etc. are more common.However, with the development of the times, many fancy colors have appeared, which meets people’s more diversified needs.

6. Matching skills: short skirts, shorts

The matching of hollow bras is also very important.For example, you can match items such as short skirts and shorts. At the same time, pay attention to choosing suitable shoes to ensure the harmoniousness of the entire match.


Seven, maintenance skills: hand washing and drying

In terms of maintenance, hollow bras need to pay special attention.It is recommended to use hand washing to better protect its texture by the way and avoid the washing machine from damaging it.Then dry it, do not directly expose to the sun to avoid destroying the texture of the material.

8. Precautions: Not suitable for exercise

In terms of wearing, hollow bras are not suitable for sports clothing to do exercise.Because in addition to affecting the effect of exercise, it will also affect human health, so it is necessary to match it reasonably.

Nine, advantages: improve sexuality

The effect of hollow bras is very good. For women who want to improve their sexuality, this sexy underwear is a very good choice.

10. Viewpoint: hollow bras make you more confident

In general, hollow bras have become popular styles in sexy underwear.It can not only enhance the sexyness of the wearer, but also bring more confidence and charm to the wearer. Therefore, if you want to be more sexy and charm, the hollow bras are worth trying.