Interesting underwear export packaging

The importance of sexy underwear packaging packaging

Interest underwear is a special clothing with sexy, tempting, and artistic appreciation. Its appearance and texture are essential for consumers.Especially for the export market, good export packaging can not only highlight the brand image of sexy underwear, meet market demand, but also protect products.

Rational design outer packaging

Good erotic underwear’s export packaging does not have to be too bright and publicized. The design should be concise and generous, reflecting the elegance of intellectuality.At the same time, considering product characteristics, you can make articles on packaging materials, such as adding transparent windows and labels to allow consumers to understand the style, color, fabrics and uses of underwear more intuitively.

Personalized tags and stickers

For different styles of sexy underwear, you can design different labels and stickers according to their own characteristics to make it more personalized temptation effects.At the same time, the brand information on the label and stickers should be complete and eye -catching, which is convenient for consumers to distinguish and recognize.

Safety and environmental consideration

When choosing a sexual underwear for packaging materials, safety and environmental factors must be taken into account.For example, in the design of packaging materials, recyclable materials can be used, and protection measures such as waterproof and moisture can be added to ensure the quality of the product during transportation and storage.

Easy to transport and store

Good erotic underwear export packaging must consider easy transportation and storage.For different categories of sexy underwear, different packaging specifications and packaging methods can be used to ensure transportation safety and save space costs.

Easy to use consumers

In the design of sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider convenient consumer use.The box of the box should be easy to open, and the instructions of the internal printing should be easy to understand, which does not affect consumers’ normal use of the product.

Brand image display

Good erotic underwear export packaging is not only a protective product, but also an important way to display the brand image.The design should be in line with the brand image, highlight the brand culture and concepts, and form brand memory points and user stickiness.

Supporting related promotional activities

Good sexy underwear export packaging can be combined with related promotional activities to increase sales and increase brand benefits.Additional products such as gifts and coupons need to be matched with export packaging to promote underwear sales together.

In line with market demand

Good sexy underwear packaging needs to be in line with market demand, and timely adjust the design and style.In design, we must follow the trend of the times, pay attention to consumer psychology, and continuously improve market competitiveness.


Good erotic underwear export packaging is not only a way to protect products, but also a means of brand promotion and marketing.In design and production, we need to consider multiple aspects to ensure the quality of packaging quality, convenient use, environmental protection and sustainable, and market sales.Only in this way can we promote the stable growth of sexy underwear sales.

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