What to do if girls don’t like sexy underwear

Why do girls do not like sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear that can bring excitement and fun, and usually has sexy, exposed and flirting attributes.However, women do not necessarily like this type of underwear. There are several reasons:

Shy or unconfident: Some women may not like sexy underwear because they are too exposed, making them feel unconfident or uncomfortable.

Not interested in sex: Some women may not be particularly interested in sex, and they are not particularly interested in sexy underwear.

Not suitable for your body and style: Some women may not like sexy underwear because they think these underwear is not suitable for their figure or style.

How to solve the problem that girls are not interested in sexy underwear?

If you want female friends or partners to flirt or increase sexual interest with sexy underwear, the following methods may be helpful:

Consider her personal preference and style

It is very important to consider her personal preference and style when choosing sexy underwear.You can try articles in her favorite color, style and material to increase her acceptance.

Try a more slow method

If she is not very interested in sexy underwear, you can try a more slow method, such as giving her a more conservative sexy underwear after romantic dinner or banquet, and pay attention to her reaction.

Exchange with her frankly

It is very important to communicate with women.Try to listen to her thoughts and concerns, and give support and understanding.You can let her know your curiosity about sexy underwear, and to build a more in -depth trust over time.

Some common sexy lingerie styles and suggestions

Here are some common sexy lingerie styles and suggestions to help you better choose sexy underwear suitable for female friends or partners:

Lace three -point underwear

The lace three -point underwear is a very classic sexy underwear, with countless colors and lace styles to choose from.This underwear is easy to integrate into different styles and occasions, which can make women feel comfortable from the heart.

Camisole style

Tips are a typical sexual erotic lingerie.They usually have the characteristics of off -shoulders, chest and high waist positions, which can show women’s figures to the fullest.

Suite underwear

Set underwear provides a complete sexy underwear scheme, usually includes milk stickers, socks, T -shaped pants and tops.Choosing the right set can make your female partner feel more confident and comfortable.

Final thinking

Every woman’s preferences are different, so understanding their needs and emotions is very important.If you want to make women feel more interested in sexy underwear, it takes some time and energy to understand their preferences and needs, and based on this to find the most suitable sexy underwear for them.To make love at first sight, the most important thing is mutual respect, understanding and support.

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