Paris sex underwear show transparent HD

Paris sex underwear show transparent HD


The Paris sexy underwear show is a permanent event every year. The models and designers there present us the latest sexy lingerie fashion.

Transparent material

The most popular design on the sex lingerie show this year is transparent material.Many designers use transparent and sexy style to make people better show the beauty of the body.

Sexy tailor

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In this sexy underwear feast, all kinds of sexy tailoring also received a lot of attention.For example, high -waist underwear is perfectly combined with inside and outside, making people look more sexy and charming.

Rich color scheme

This year, the designers have created a variety of rich colors, making the sexy underwear feast more exciting.From red to black, from white to pink, from gold to silver, all kinds of color matching show richer and more diverse taste.

Attentive details

The designers have made a lot of effort on every detail.For example, many erotic lingerie is embroidered with exquisite patterns or beautiful lace.These small details make sexy underwear more colorful.

Brand participation

In addition to the designer’s display, multiple brands have also participated in the activities of the entire sex lingerie show.The famous sexy underwear brand Victoria’s Secret also showed a new display in this year’s event.

New style

In the show, we have seen many new styles of sexy underwear, and many of them are very luxurious.For example, some erotic underwear decorated with pearls and metal wires, or complicated tailoring and rare materials.

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The sex underwear show also promoted the power and self -confidence to the world.Young and diverse models represent the power and beauty of contemporary women, which is a major highlight of the entire sex lingerie show.

creative design

Designers have continued to innovate, bringing more fresh blood to this industry.For example, many creative designs have been added to this year’s sexy underwear, such as outdoor sports elements and magic themes, making the entire show more energetic.

Point of view

The sexy lingerie show in Paris is the most representative activity of the sexy underwear industry. Every year, it has attracted attention and participation from all over the world.Every year, the sexy underwear show will show the cutting -edge fashion design and the latest trend, bringing people full of creativity and innovative experience.