Step up on the sexy underwear

Step up on the sexy underwear

Talking about sexy underwear opening design

In the world of sexy underwear, the opening design has always been one of the highly sought -after designs. Unlike the closed design of ordinary underwear, the opening underwear has its unique sexy and stimulus.EssenceBelow we walk into the world of opening underwear and explore the charm of its design.

What are the design types of opening underwear?

Open underwear is a prominent sexy effect with the opening design. According to the position and size of the opening, it can be divided into T -type opening, triangular opening, Y -shaped file opening, shutter opening, zipper opening and other types.

T -type opening underwear

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The T -type opening underwear is mainly designed for women’s private parts. Due to the popularity of T -shaped underwear, most of the T -shaped underwear on the market now.Visually, the T -type underwear can better highlight the lines of the hips, adding the beauty of the hip curve of women.

Triangle opening underwear

Triangle -opening underwear is the most common design. Triangle design is adopted at the opening, which highlights sexy beauty by carving and decoration.Most of these underwear are made of lace, transparency and other materials, giving people visually ultimate enjoyment.

Y -character -opening underwear

The Y -shaped underwear design will highlight the long -legged ratio in women’s figure.Moved his eyes to your legs and inadvertently showed the sexy beauty of women.The opening of this underwear is slightly larger and can be used in sex products.


The louvers can be regarded as an upgraded version of triangular underwear. The use of more small triangles can play a better role visually and have a sense of layering in appearance.The disadvantage is that a narrow towel belt is easy to printed marks, which is not suitable for long -term wear.

Zipper opening underwear

The exterior of the zipper -opening underwear is quite similar to the daily top. The biggest feature is that there is a zipper design that adds the interaction of the underwear and has a certain sense of honor.But it is more suitable for other sexy underwear with strong decorative nature.

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How to choose the underwear?

Choosing to open underwear, you need to consider personal taste and personality. Different types of opening can better show different body curves and personality characteristics.To choose a lingerie that suits you, you can truly show your beauty.

When will the open underwear wear?

Open underwear is not a dressed in daily life, but a condiments of sex life. When wearing open underwear, you can create any kind of flirting atmosphere in the bedroom of two people. It is a enhanced agent for interesting life.

Fashion and sexy of opening underwear

Different underwear is different from general underwear, it is a fusion of fashion and sexy.Many celebrities have the habit of collecting and opening underwear, and many brands have designed the opening underwear into the focus of the fashion collection.

Opening underwear culture

As a kind of sex appliance, opening underwear has become the belief of many enthusiasts, and together with time becomes more and more mature.The charm of opening underwear is to challenge the closed structure of traditional underwear. It is an expression of freedom of sexual freedom. More and more women who dare to try.


In a society that is becoming more and more free today, women dare to try all kinds of beautiful expression methods. With their sexy and unique designs, the opening underwear has already embarked on a fashion path, trying and appreciating their charm. Maybe I find that they are beautiful againmoment.