Several types of trademark types of sexy underwear

Several types of trademark types of sexy underwear

Several types of trademark types of sexy underwear

original brand

The original brand means that design, research and development and manufacturers are completed by the same company.This brand usually has a high reputation and quality, and consumers can be more assured when buying.Such as Victoria’s Secret, LU? IA Secret, etc.


The foundry brand refers to a brand produced by a manufacturer.This brand is usually positioned as price -friendly, and the design style is relatively simple, suitable for young white -collar workers and students.Such as Calvin Klein, Triumph, etc.

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Imported brand

Imported brands refer to brands produced by foreign companies.This brand is usually high, but their designers and materials are excellent, and they are favored by consumers pursuing high -quality consumers.Such as Provocative Intimates, passionata, etc.

Net red brand

The Internet celebrity brand refers to a brand that has a very popular brand on the Internet, and its products focus on the design of fashion, personalization and kawaii.Many Internet celebrity brands are very sexy, and their target groups are mainly young women and niche groups.Such as Honey Mi Honey, NewChic, etc.

Sexy series

For example, its name, the sexy series of sexy underwear design is more sexy and interesting. Usually, it is made of lace, velvet, transparent fabric, etc., and its style is relatively bold.Therefore, the sexy series of sexy underwear is suitable for the choice of couples, couples or single people who want to increase the romantic atmosphere.

Daily series

The fun underwear style of the daily series is relatively casual and casual. The common materials are cotton or sports materials.Compared to the sexy series, the daily series of sexy underwear is more focused on comfort, suitable for daily wear.

Swimsuit series

Curvy Plus

The swimsuit series is mainly used for beaches and swimming pools. The design styles pay more attention to sportiness and comfort. Usually, bikinis, briefs, etc. are mainly convenient for swimming and sunbathing.In addition, some swimsuit brands have also launched a number of sexy swimsuits to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

Sculpture series

The body shaping series is mainly used for body shaping and weight loss.This brand’s sexy lingerie style is relatively tight, and it usually uses elastic material to make the figure more well -proportioned and firmer.Compared with ordinary body -shaping clothes, the fun underwear function of the body -shaping series is more powerful, and it also pays more attention to the beauty of dress.

Customized series

The custom series of sexy underwear is a personalized customized service provided by some high -end brands for customers.Customers can choose materials, styles, tailoring and details, etc., and customize a unique sexy underwear according to their needs and preferences.This brand of sexy underwear is relatively high, usually high -income groups or consumers who pursue higher tastes.

Leisure Series

The fun underwear design style of the leisure series is relatively loose, suitable for rest at home or wearing with family and friends.Usually use cotton and loose materials, which does not bring pressure to the body, which is very comfortable.Moreover, the fun underwear of the leisure series is also a representative style of some brands, such as Aerie.


Interesting underwear is a relatively private dress, and its brand types are becoming more and more diverse with the different consumer demand.When choosing sexy underwear, consumers should choose the brand type that suits them according to their needs and taste.At the same time, you need to pay attention to choosing high -quality sexy underwear to avoid the impact of physical health due to improper wear.