Sex underwear by the courier video

Sex underwear by the courier video

Interest underwear becomes popular

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s gradually open thoughts and aesthetic concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become a new, popular fashion.It can bring sexy enjoyment, increase interest, and strengthen emotions. It is a new wave of women’s underwear and a must for men.At present, there are many types of sexy underwear in the market, which has attracted more and more people’s attention.

Courier touches sexy underwear incidents to attract attention

However, a recent incident has attracted widespread attention: a courier took a video at the door when delivering sexy underwear.In the video, he even touched some underwear.This behavior immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens and questioned the behavior of the courier.

The reason why the courier touch the sex lingerie incident

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Why does the courier touch the sexy underwear? This is a question that everyone is very concerned about.The reason may be many.First of all, the courier industry has a lot of work pressure and wages are generally not high. They often need to work overtime, so that some courier deliberately jokes in order to vent their emotions.Secondly, some courier may be curious about sexy underwear, or mistakenly believe that this is some ordinary women’s underwear.

Courier companies’ response measures

In the face of this situation, what should the courier company deal with?First of all, the courier company can strengthen the moral education of the courier and tell them that they should respect the private space of consumers.

Consumer’s self -defense awareness

In addition, as consumers, self -precautionary consciousness is also very important.While enjoying the fun of sexy underwear, pay attention to protecting your privacy and strictly keep your own relevant information.

Precautions for sex underwear use

In addition, you should also pay attention to the precautions of the use of sexy underwear.First of all, we must follow the principles of hygiene and clean them in advance before use. Second, try to avoid sharing and use between different sexual partners to prevent infectious viruses. Finally, do not use excessive use to avoid damage to the body.

The correct way to buy sex underwear

How to choose the right sexy underwear is also very important.First of all, you should choose the size and style that suits you according to your physical condition. Second, you must choose products with high materials to avoid discomfort to the skin. Finally, you must choose a regular sales channel to buy sexy underwear to avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.

Sexy Costumes

Skills of sexy underwear

In addition to the correct purchase, the matching of sexy underwear is also very important.Choose different underwear styles according to different occasions to make yourself more sexy and charming.In addition, it should be matched with coats and underwear to create a perfect overall effect.

Sex underwear has become a enhanced agent for many love emotions

In general, sexy underwear, as an enhanced agent that stimulate emotions and marriage, is almost inevitable in modern society.However, we should also pay attention to protecting our privacy and personal information, correctly buy and use sexy underwear, avoid unnecessary damage, and create a healthy and happy life.


In daily life, we should protect our privacy and personal information. While enjoying sexy underwear, we must pay attention to self -protection and ensure that our physical health and emotional happiness.