Sexy underwear open stall spicy socks

Sexy underwear open stall spicy socks


As a sexy, teasing and irritating underwear, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern men and women.Among them, the "open spicy socks" in the sexy underwear is even more popular, and it has become the first choice for many women. Let’s take a closer look at this sexy underwear.

Features and styles of open -stall spicy socks

Open stall spicy socks are a kind of sexy underwear that combines traditional high stockings with open crotch panties, emphasizing sexy legs and waist.Generally speaking, the styles of spicy socks are divided into two categories: straps and straps without socks.

Start -stall spicy socks with strap

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The opening of the stall with a strap with a strap is integrated with high stockings and open crotch panties. It is not only sexy, but also very convenient, so it is very popular.In addition, there are different styles of this type of spicy socks, such as wide -collar types, splicing types, and so on.

Open spicy socks without socks

Opening stalls without socks means that there are no high stockings, wearing underwear and pantyhose. This type of opening stockings are not only sexy, please pay attention to matching. There are many types, such as translucent, Mesh, lace, etc. In short, no matter what type, it makes women more sexy and seductive.

The wearing skills of opening the spicy socks

Although the spicy socks are sexy, they should also pay attention to wearing skills, otherwise it will have bad effects.First of all, pay attention to the appropriate size when wearing, do not be too tight or too loose, to ensure the comfort and the appropriate tightness.Secondly, the matching clothing should be matched according to the season and occasions, choose a suitable size and color coordinated external clothing to highlight the sexy effect of the opening stocks.

Maintenance method of open -stall spicy socks

Open -stall spicy socks are an important part of sexy underwear, and its maintenance is also very important.First of all, we should avoid wearing this underwear to exercise or other violent activities.Secondly, you need to wash your hands with warm water and neutrophils, and pay attention to softly.Finally, avoid direct exposure of sunlight when drying, which will damage the fiber and elasticity of the opening of the hot socks.

Suggestions for the choice of open -stall spicy socks

When choosing to buy open -stall spicy socks, we should consider the following aspects: price, texture, style, color and comfort.First of all, the price is the first element of our choice of spicy socks. Too high prices will exceed our budget. Too low prices may mean bad texture and craftsmanship.Secondly, the texture directly affects the comfort and durability of the spicy socks, so you need to choose the opening of the stall stockings with better materials.Finally, the style and color should be coordinated with the overall style and temperament of the individual.

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Care on the opening of the spicy socks

The dressing occasions of the opening of the spicy socks are generally mainly private or special occasions, such as sex clothing, party, nightclub, etc.However, sexy professional people who need to wear uniforms can also cooperate with sexy black stockings to increase the charm of professional women.

The impact of opening the spicy socks on human health

Open -stall spicy socks are a kind of underwear, which has the impact on human health.Wearing open -stall hot socks will make women’s legs and waist close close, keep the body’s overall curve beautiful, while improving the sexy charm of women.However, if you wear too much or poor fiber quality, opening the stall stockings will also have a certain impact on human health, such as affecting blood circulation, causing spatrix of the limbs, and so on.

How to buy high -quality opening spicy socks

When buying open -stall spicy socks, we should pay attention to the following points: materials, elasticity, no leakage, brand.First of all, the material determines the comfort and durability of the open -stall’s spicy socks, especially some low -cost opening stockings will cause a certain danger due to poor quality.Secondly, elasticity is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the open -stall’s spicy socks. Excessive and small elasticity will affect its comfort and sexy degree.Furthermore, good opening of spicy socks must have a strict leakage. After a long period of wear, you can always keep your opening stockings that can always maintain its sexy effect.


As a major category of sexy underwear, it has brought happiness and stimulation to women’s sexy and comfortable.Of course, whether you choose to buy or wear, we must master the method of use in order to allow us to better enjoy the fun brought by the opening of the hot socks.