Open -gear sex love underwear

Open -gear sex love underwear

What is the opening of the gear sex erotic lingerie?

Open -stall sexy underwear is a special style of sexy underwear, which mainly refers to the pants underwear or conjoined underwear to open a small hole in the vaginal part to facilitate sex.This sexy underwear is a sexy, charming underwear, which can mainly enhance the fun of sex.Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear has a low waist version, exposing the appropriate part of the navel, a half cup or one -third of the cup, and deep V neck. It can be said to be one of the most sexy sexy underwear.

The design characteristics of the opening of the gear sex love underwear

The design of the opening of the gear sex love underwear has the following characteristics:

1. Open design in a specific location to meet sexual needs;

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2. Few coverage area, show most of the body to highlight the sexy charm of women;

3. Materials are mostly sexy materials such as silk, lace, etc., and the touch is smooth and smooth, which increases wearing comfort;

4. Various colors, such as black, white, red, pink, etc. to ensure the needs of different people.

The choice of opening gear sex erotic lingerie material

The choice of the opening of the gear sexuality is more important. It requires a comfortable and soft material, and at the same time meets the requirements of the aesthetics.Here are commonly used materials:

1. Silk: smooth, soft, good quality silk prints are clear, full of color, suitable for spring and summer and autumn style.

2. Lace: The texture is soft, the texture is clear, the shape is strong, and the breathability is good. It is the most common material for making sexy underwear.

3. Beads: bright, luxurious, suitable for embellishment on sexy underwear, which can highlight the sexy atmosphere.

Selection of the size of the open -stall sexy underwear

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Selecting the size of the open -stall sexy underwear should be selected according to your body condition. Do not buy a trumpet because you like the shape, or pay too much attention to the comfort.It is recommended to choose the underwear size that you usually wear when you buy, because most of the size of the sizes of sex underwear will take into account the comfort and tight effect.

The way to open the gear sex love underwear

The opening of the gear and sexy underwear must be cautious. It is recommended to refer to the following points:

1. When you wear it, check whether the underwear is damaged to avoid affecting the aesthetics and wearing comfort.

2. Pay attention to the cold protection when wearing, you can add close warm clothes.

3. Choose suitable occasions when wearing. Putting on the open sexual emotional affection for the lingerie is not suitable for attending formal occasions. It is suitable for specific occasions such as sexy parties, theme parties, and husband and wife interaction.

The cleaning method of the opening of the gear sex love underwear

Pay attention to cleaning the open -stall sexy underwear, you can refer to the following points:

1. When cleaning, pay attention to avoid being washed with other colors and textures to avoid dyeing. It is recommended to clean it separately and use neutral detergent cleaning.

2. Do not use the corresponding pieces of dirty powder, laundry powder, and ammonia water during cleaning during cleaning to avoid damaging the material and not good health.

3. After the cleaning is completed, you can dry it naturally. Do not expose it to avoid the material from damage to ultraviolet rays.

Open -gear Emotional Emotional Lords Matching

The way of opening the gear sex erotic lingerie can be based on personal preferences, but it should be noted:

1. Underwear salon, bikini, etc. are suitable for the matching single items that are used as the opening of the gear sex erotic lingerie;

2. Keep as much as possible when matching the beauty and coordination of the overall effect.

The suitable crowd of the opening of the gear sex love underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is suitable for most young female friends. Of course, there are some special groups suitable for wearing. For example, people who need more sexual life stimulation between husband and wife. Such sexy underwear can play a role in promoting sexual life interaction.In addition, people who love sexy and pursue all kinds of appearance are also applicable people who have open -stall sexy underwear.

The price of the opening of the gear and sexy underwear

The price of open -stalls is higher than ordinary underwear. Generally speaking, it ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.However, although the price is high, from the perspective of comfort and aesthetics, they are superior to ordinary underwear.


Open -stall sexy underwear is a kind of sexy and charming sexy lingerie style, which can play a role in enhancing fun and interaction in sexual life.You need to pay attention to multiple aspects when choosing and dressing. For example, you choose a size, wear occasion and way of dressing, and cleaning and matching to ensure the best results.