Sexy underwear photo map

Sexy underwear photo map

Sexy underwear photo map: Introduce different styles and types

Interest underwear is a product belonging to the adult market and is usually composed of some sexy clothing.There are many types of these products, and the styles are also diverse.In this article, we will introduce some different types of sexy underwear and attach related photos.

According to material classification

Sex underwear can be classified according to the material.The use of tulle and perspective, a bit transparent or fully transparent belongs to perspective sexy underwear.The materials such as lace, fish nets, leather, PU, PVC and other materials belong to the material erotic underwear.

Classified according to style

Plus Fishnet Bodystocking – P81171

Another way to classify sexy underwear is based on the style.The most common style is Bra Set, including underwear and underwear, usually with a strap or a sleeve.There are some more special sexy underwear, such as Cami Sets, and a piping clothes and G-String Sets.

Classified according to use

Sex underwear can also be classified according to the purpose of use.For example, Hong Kong police uniforms and nurse uniforms are very popular sexy underwear because these styles can stimulate people’s fantasy and desires.There are also some sexy underwear designed for sex games, such as handcuffs, leather whip, etc.

Classified according to body type

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that conforms to your own size, because wearing a suitable sexy underwear will be more comfortable and sexy.Now, there are some sexy lingerie styles for large -scale women in the market. These styles can help women shape and make them show their bodies more confidently.

Classified according to color

Color is one of the important factors of sexy underwear photos.Usually, black, white and red are the most popular colors.However, in recent years, some designers have also begun to use some more gorgeous colors, such as green, purple and blue, etc. These colors can bring more amazing visual effects.

Classified according to the occasion

Sex underwear can be classified according to the occasion, such as wedding, Christmas, Halloween and other specific festivals.In addition, some sexy underwear is suitable for wearing at nightclubs, nightclubs, etc. These sexy underwear are usually bold and sexy, which can help women attract more attention.

Thigh High

Classification according to price

The price of sexy underwear is also very different.Some sexy underwear is very expensive because they use high -quality materials and exquisite workmanship.Some low -cost sexy underwear usually uses simpler design and materials, but it does not need to be sexy.

According to brand classification

There are many different erotic underwear brands on the market, and each brand has its own unique style and design.For example, Victoria’s Secret is a brand with a global popularity. Its sexy underwear is stylish and bold, suitable for many different occasions.Some niche brands are more focused on some specific sexy underwear types, such as leather sex lingerie, warrior sex underwear, etc.


Today, sexy underwear has become a part of the adult market that cannot be ignored. It can not only increase interest and happiness, but also help people shape a self -confidence and sexy image.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to factors such as your own size, style, material, and make the corresponding combination in order to truly reflect the charm of sexy underwear.