Taobao sex underwear model figure

Taobao sex underwear model figure

The sexy underwear model on Taobao always makes people look like they can never meet that kind of standard. Why is this?

Makeup technique

Many sexy underwear models use some techniques to optimize their appearance when shooting.For example, using bronze cosmetics can show better skin texture, and at the same time make the body more outlined.


In addition to makeup, clothing matching is also very important.Different body types need different clothing, so as to show their advantages and covering shortcomings.


Many sexy underwear models are born with great advantages, which is one of the reasons why they are selected as models.


Of course, exercise is also essential for sexy underwear models.Adhering to regular exercise and healthy eating habits can make the body firmer and healthy.

Figure Repair

In addition to the techniques of photographers during the shooting process, later trimming is also a very important link.Such as modifying the skin’s defects, adjustment of color saturation, etc. can make the photos more beautiful.

Body proportions

The body proportion of sexy underwear models is generally perfect, such as the proportion of the body structure and the ratio of the head and limbs.

Expression and pose

Interest underwear models also need to know how to swing and expressing expressions to make them look more beautiful and sexy.These techniques will also make them more confident and charming in front of the audience.

Professional attitude

Finally, sexy underwear models also need to face their work with a professional attitude.This requires their physical and mental health, collaborative cooperation, strict discipline and other factors.

in conclusion

Although the figure and appearance of sexy underwear models look perfect, they require them to spend a lot of effort and time to maintain.After all, becoming a sexy underwear model requires multiple support.

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