Teach you to make sexy sheets yourself

Introduction: About sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is an indispensable part of the life of modern couples, and one of the important ways to enhance the relationship and enthusiasm of couples.There are many types of sexy underwear in the market, with various design styles, but the price is not cheap.If you can make sexy underwear by yourself, you can not only save costs, but also experience the sense of accomplishment of your own hands.Next, I will introduce you to how to make sexy underwear by yourself.

Step 1: Buy Materials

The first thing to prepare is the material for making sexy underwear.Depending on the styles to be made, the required materials are different.Generally required materials include lace cloth, elastic cloth, cartoon cloth, ribbon, metal buckle, shoulder strap, needle wires, etc.The choice of materials should pay attention to the combination of quality and color, and choose suitable materials according to different requirements.

Step 2: Select styles

After the materials are ready, you need to choose the style you want to make.For specific styles, you can refer to the sexy underwear on the market, or start with your preference.According to different bodies and temperament, choose the right style, and note that the style must reflect sexy and charm.

Step 3: Measurement size

Measure your body size is one of the important steps to make sexy underwear.To accurately measure bust, waist, hips, shoulder width, etc.During the production process, it is necessary to cut and sewn it according to your own size. You must not be too loose or too tight to ensure comfort and accuracy.

Step 4: drawing design

After the material preparation and size measurement are completed, you can start making drawings.When making drawings, first draw a complete sexy underwear model based on the measurement results, specify the size and shape of each part.It should be noted that the drawing design should be carefully and serious to avoid errors.

Step 5: Cutting materials

According to the design specifications on the drawing, the prepared materials are cut into the required parts.Pay attention to the direction and symmetry of the material, and avoid errors in material cutting.

Step 6: Sewing parts

Sewing the cut parts.Pay attention to the beauty of the line trace line, and there should be no way of walking and wiring.Select suitable needle lines and needle eyes, and adopt the correct sewing method to ensure the practicality and aesthetics of sexy underwear.

Step 7: Machining details

After the sewing is completed, details are required, including metal buckles, shoulder straps, etc.The details of the details should be carefully handled to avoid improper treatment and affect the overall effect.

Step 8: Format and test

After the sewing is completed, it needs to be fixed and tested.Put the sexy underwear in cold water and soak it, and twist it gently after removing.Then place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.During testing, we should wear self -made erotic underwear to check comfort and safety to ensure wearing effects and quality.

Step 9: Correction and improvement

If problems are found during the test, such as uncomfortable wear, unconnected, unsightly, etc., you need to modify and improve it in time.Proper improvement can be made according to the actual effect, and the quality and comfort of home -made sex underwear can be continued.

Step 10: Comple

After the production of the above steps, the sexy underwear made by myself is finally completed.In addition to saving costs, self -made sexy underwear can also enhance their hands -on ability and DIY interest.I believe that sexy underwear will become more perfect, and unique items will add more passion and interest to your love life of you and your partner.


Making sexy underwear by yourself can not only save costs, but also make your love life of you and your partner more exciting and interesting.As long as the above instructions have mastered the skills and steps of making sexy underwear, I believe you can make unique sexy underwear and add more interest and passion.

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