Taobao sexy underwear photos


Sexy underwear is a sexy and interesting underwear. In recent years, it has been welcomed by women.There are all kinds of sexy underwear on Taobao, but many users complained that the display photos of these products are very different from the real thing.In this article, we will explore photos of sexy underwear on Taobao and provide some solutions.

The problem with taobao pictures of sexy lingerie

Many sexy underwear on Taobao is full of temptation, and some photos even use models, but the real thing is very different.This is because some businesses exaggerate the effect of photos in order to attract customers.This will bring great trouble and disappointment to customers, especially there will be many unnecessary troubles when returning.

How to chooose reliar taobao sellers

It is very important to choose a credible Taobao seller, which can greatly reduce the risk of photos that are inconsistent with the real objects.You can choose a credible seller in the following ways:

Check the seller’s credit level and evaluation, choose a seller with high credibility and high praise rate to buy goods

See if the seller has passed Alibaba’s enterprise certification, and whether there is a video and pictures taken by physical shooting

Check whether the seller has the guarantee of return and exchange, and whether it is simple and smooth

How to interpret Product Pictures on TAOBAO

Under normal circumstances, the photos of sexy underwear should be treated with special light, decoration and PS to achieve the perfect effect of the model.This means that the gap between the real and the picture is inevitable.Therefore, consumers should learn how to explain the pictures and make choices according to the actual situation.

Focusing On Key Details

Good quality of sexy underwear usually has good tailoring and materials.See the following details:

Is the material soft, comfortable, fit the skin?

Is there any non -slip glue?

Is there any adjustable shoulder strap or back button?

Reviews Are Important

Through the evaluation of a seller, you can understand whether the seller’s service is good and whether the product meets the standard in the manual.There are some comments for the real shots of the product, so you can understand the real situation when you read some praise and truthful description. You do n’t need to worry too much about the influence of “bad reviews”.

Consider the price

Many sexy lingerie prices are cheaper. If the price looks too cheap, it may affect the quality.If you want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, try to buy products with moderate prices.

Request Real Product Pictures from the Seller

If you are not sure if the show you see is real, you can ask the seller to ask the seller.Merchants often publish some physical photos in the store so that consumers have accurate understanding of the product.If you suspect the seller forgery the photo, contact the seller to consult to learn more product details.

Try before you buy

It is recommended that consumers go to physical stores or counters to try sexy underwear, which can prevent you from negotiating or returning goods.

The Role of Education

The Taobao platform requires more photos of sexy underwear so that consumers and sellers have more communication and understanding.At the same time, consumers need more education to let them learn to choose good quality instead of judging from the appearance, so that more people can buy products that meet expectations.


When buying Taobao’s sexy underwear, please pay attention to choose a trusted seller and understand how to explain the product photos.If you are not sure, don’t forget to contact the seller and ask physical photos in order to learn more about the details of the product.More importantly, education is essential -to choose high quality products, not just the appearance of appearance.

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