The earliest sexy underwear show in Taiwan


Interesting underwear, which seems to be relatively common now, there are still many restrictions in the early days, but a group of people have broken these restrictions and let sex underwear spread to the public.Today, let’s talk about Taiwan’s earliest sexy underwear show.

What is sexy underwear?

For sexy underwear, people’s understanding may be different, but the basic concepts are the same: sexy underwear is a underwear that can express sex and enhances gender attractiveness. Usually the material is soft and easy to wear, which can show women’s sexy and beauty.Although sexy underwear is now popular all over the world, in Taiwan in the early 1980s, no one had heard of this seemingly strange underwear at first glance.

Taiwan’s first sexy underwear show

Skip some links, in Taiwan in 1983, the first sexy underwear show was held as scheduled.Chen Wenzhong, who was a famous version of the painter, and the Japanese sexy underwear Master Qianchuan Sect is the first batch of people who introduced the concept of sexy underwear. Chen Wenzhong contacted a few female students and gathered together to make sexy underwear suitable for Asian women.Zong Nan set more details for underwear.He hopes to spread the culture and knowledge of sexy underwear in Asia through this method.

Original resistance

When promoting the first batch of sexy lingerie shows, it was opposed by many people.Many people think that this kind of thing is too open and elegant, and cannot show the public.However, as the group of people who had the trend of protecting the sexy underwear at the beginning, sexy underwear reflects people’s deepest desires, shows the best side of women, and its most important style elements are the size and tailoring of ergonomics.In this seemingly troublesome situation, they eventually decided to show the public how to help enhance women’s self -confidence, enhance women’s self -esteem, and broaden women’s horizons.

The response of the audience

The first batch of sexy lingerie shows caused a lot of sensation. Not only ordinary audiences, but even those who did not like this trend also went to watch.At that time in Taiwan, this semi -naked way was unprecedented, but people still interested in sexy underwear.

The spread of sexy underwear culture

Chen Wenzhong and the former Sichuan Sects hope to promote the culture of sexy underwear. They provide a lot of materials, introduce the knowledge of the history, taste, service, and maintenance of sexy underwear to the audience, and encourage more people to join in.In fact, after this strong publicity, the sales of sexy lingerie have been improved very much, and this show has also become a dynamic and entertaining way.

The driving force of sexy underwear

For the driver of the sexy lingerie shows such as Chen Wenzhong and the former Sichuan Sect, sexy underwear is not just an external thing, it is also an inner force.They believe that sexy underwear allows people to have a more free life and can convey love and beauty to the world.Although it has passed for 38 years, this trend has continued to exist, and it is more popular year by year. This is precisely because the feelings that erotic underwear brings to people have never weakened.

Diversity of sexy underwear

Now, people no longer require sexy underwear to show sexy, and more to buy underwear for their comfort and health, and over time, sexy underwear is no longer just a few people’s choices. MoreMany people have started trying to choose sexy underwear.This also laid a more solid foundation for the diversity of sexy underwear.

The combination of sexy underwear and fashion

Nowadays, sexy underwear is no longer a frenzy limit in specific time, and it is more about the development and progress of the times.With the development of modern fashion, the design, style, and materials of sexy underwear are also constantly innovating and promoting. It has developed more affordable, comfortable, fashionable, and avant -garde. It has become an important item for modern urban women.


Looking back at the original sexy underwear show, we can see how much shock it brings to people.Those supporters, those opponents, started a fierce debate for decades.Today, we have seen the diversity of sexy underwear and more aspects of development, which is the proof of the continuous development of sexy underwear.

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