The first time you wear a sexy underwear video for newlyweds

The importance of wearing a sexy underwear for the first time in a new wedding

For newlywed couples, the first sex is an important experience of emotional sublimation and physical interaction, and sexy underwear plays an important role at this time.Suitable erotic underwear can not only enhance the sexual interests of both husband and wife, but also better coordinate each other’s emotional relationships, and determine the perfect level of wedding sex.

Selection of size

Before choosing a sexy underwear, it is essential to determine the size.Although sexy underwear is usually recommended to choose a small one, it is not suitable for individual brands, styles and human body.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a regular sexy underwear store to measure the body size with the help of professionals to ensure that the purchased underwear size is accurate and appropriate.

Principles of selecting styles

In terms of style, it is necessary to take its own figure and theme needs as the starting point.For obese women, it is not advisable to wear a low waist style, and the breasts above the C cup are not suitable for choosing too sexy and explicit styles.For women who want to show sexy charm, you can choose a special design of transparent lace or milk stickers.

Color matching

The color and complexion of sexy underwear should also be matched.For women with lighter skin tone, you can choose lighter colors, such as light powder and lilac, and women with deep skin tone can try bright colors such as red or black.

Selection of texture

The texture of erotic underwear is usually divided into lace, silk, leather and other types.Generally speaking, lace is transparent, lightweight, and breathable, which is the best choice in summer.In cold winter, you can choose underwear made of leather or thick fabrics.

Choice of design

For couples who want to experience different themes, the choice of design is very important.Some erotic underwear can be converted into different styles through different ways of dressing, such as vests, flirting suits, etc.The design of lace, lace, diamonds, etc. can increase the visual effects and touch experience of underwear.

Selection of accessories

Like other clothing, sexy underwear can also be matched with jewelry, shoes and other accessories.Sexy high heels, beautiful stockings, etc. can improve the instant visual satisfaction of men wearing sexy underwear.

Create an appropriate atmosphere

Careful preparation not only refers to the choice of purchasing fun underwear itself, but also to create a romantic atmosphere in the entire environment.Proper candlelight, music, fragrance, etc. can create a romantic atmosphere suitable for two people.


When using sex underwear, you need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.For sexy underwear that is not used for a long time, you can store it in a cool place to ensure the comfort in the future.Cleaning needs to pay attention to whether it meets the requirements of the product label to avoid damaging the material of the underwear or reducing the life of the wear.


At the moment when the newlyweds wearing sex underwear for the first time, we need to comprehensively consider the appropriate size, style, color, texture, design, accessories, and atmosphere to ensure that the couple can achieve the ideal sex effect.Only on the basis of reason and emotion can you enjoy the sexual interests and pleasure brought by sexy underwear.

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