The Republic of China sex underwear students pretend to be female

Background introduction

In the 20th century, although China’s economy was in a downturn, sexy underwear began to be valued by more women and became one of the fashion representatives at that time.Among them, the students are the most representative.

The representative elements of the student pretending to be female

The sexy underwear design of the student girl has fresh and concise characteristics. The tops and bottoms are based on light texture and concise patterns, and there are almost no complicated decorative elements.On the whole, fresh and refined, showing a fresh and natural beauty.

Red, white, and blue color matching

During the Republic of China, red, white, and blue color were the most commonly used students to match girls. They were not only fresh and beautiful, but also had a lot of temperament.Red represents the spirit of enthusiasm and positive; white symbolizes the beauty of purity and soul; blue represents a fresh and refined charm.

Top design

Students’ clothes are mainly based on fresh white and elegant blue, sweet pink or fresh and bright red.The design avoids too tight and too exposed, maintaining a proper degree of self -slimming.

Underflow design

Students’ dresses are mainly natural comfort, with straight pants or tassel skirts.The material of the pants is mainly based on thick and soft fabrics, and strives to achieve its own coordination and popularity.

Lace design

There are not too many lace and lace decorations in students in women, but every sexy underwear will be embellished with some flowers or bow.Will decorate some colorful beads, bows or flowers in the right place.

Collar design

The collar design of students’ clothing is usually mainly high -necked or round necks, covering the curve of the chest as much as possible, but it also forms a beauty of desire, which has achieved a perfect balance between reserved and charming.


The processing of students in the details is different from the fancy and complexity of mature women’s sexy lingerie. Through the slight changes in details, it not only reflects the consistency of tone, but also shows the spirit of women.

quality assurance

During the restrictions on the level of science and technology, the quality of students’ dresses could not meet today’s standards. However, in order to pursue a better touch and comfort, the sexy underwear of students in the students is more comfortable and elastic natural materials.

Permanent reason

The reason why students’ pretending to be a girl can be popular in the north and south of the river, but it is actually inseparable from the pulse of the background of the times.At that time, the consciousness of young people’s ideological liberation and pursuit of freedom gradually emerged. The psychological needs of this era are exactly similar to that of students’ dresses.


Students’ pretending women in history are a kind of eternal cultural symbol. Its innocence, unreasonable beauty, full of youth and vitality, still have a beautiful attractiveness to us.

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