The heroine was eaten by the male lead wearing a sexy underwear

The heroine was eaten by the male lead wearing a sexy underwear

The first paragraph: What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear worn under the body, usually made of sexy tulle, lace, leather, plastic or other materials.There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as bras, underwear, stockings, tights and tights.The design and material of sexy underwear can highlight the various curves and characteristics of the body, so that women are more charming and sexy.

Part 2: Why did the heroine choose sexy underwear?

The hostess chose to wear fun underwear because she wanted to try some new ways to attract the attention of the male lead and increase the fun of the relationship between the two.Interest underwear can not only make her feel more sexy, more confident, but also enhance the coordination and interaction between her and the male lead.

Chapter III: What is the sexy underwear for the female lead?

The heroine chose a sexy lace bra and low -waist underwear.This color is dark red, equipped with black lace edges, highlighting the curve of the heroine’s body.The bottom panties are low -waist design. There is a small bow and tailoring design in front, which is more sexy and fascinating.

Part 4: How is the male lead’s reaction?

The male lead was very excited after seeing the female lead wearing this set of fun underwear. He appreciated the perfect curve and sexy bottom line of the female body.He immediately kissed the heroine and began to unlock her underwear and underwear.

Chapter 5 Paragraph: What does the male lead do?

The male lead broke up very much, and he gently kissed the various curves of the heroine’s body, making her feel very relaxed.Over time, the male lead began to kiss the heroine more intensely, and began to stimulate the sensitive area of the heroine with his tongue and teeth.

Chapter 6: How is the heroine’s reaction?

The heroine felt very happy and relaxed, and she began to grab the male lead’s hair and make a deep moan.Her body began to twist and tremble. After a few minutes of fierce kisses, the heroine completely relaxed, and her body and the male lead body completely merged into one.

Seventh paragraph: What is the evaluation of the male lead?

The male lead believes that the female lead is very interesting and creative in the sexy underwear. He appreciates the female lead’s body very much. At the same time, he also believes that the sexy underwear brings more fun and stimulus in life.

Chapter 8: What is the evaluation of the heroine?

The heroine thinks that sexy underwear is an important element of her life of her and the male lead, which enhances the interaction between the two and the fun in life.She believes that sexy underwear can not only make her more confident and sexy, but also bring more happiness and excitement to the two.

in conclusion:

Interest underwear is a special underwear, with colorful styles and design.The hostess chooses to wear a fun underwear to bring more excitement and fun in life, and also makes herself more confident and sexy.For the relationship between men and women, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them can bring more happiness and satisfaction to both parties.

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