The name of the lizard wearing sexy underwear


In movies, sexy underwear is often used as an important element in the storyline. Whether it is an emotional expression or a visual temptation, it can increase the appeal of the movie.And there is a movie, its name is "lizard wearing sexy underwear". The name sounds very interesting, but this movie has more content worthy of investigation.

Background introduction

"Lizard wearing sexy underwear" is a comedy movie released in 2016, directed by Joe Gordon, starring in Kevin Hart, Doun Johnson and Anna Faris.The film tells the story of two former FBI agents, which is forced to cooperate to prevent a criminal gang who attempt to endanger the United States.

Important role of sexy underwear

In the movie, sexy underwear plays an important role.At the beginning of the movie, Kevin Hart’s role was hung by the branches when crossing the bush. His sexy underwear was cut out, causing the attention of the onlookers and injecting a hint of humor into the movie.Later, after the role of Anna Faris entered the plot, her sexy underwear became an important element in the movie. Although there is a scene with sexual hints in the plot, the overall style is relaxed and humorous, reflecting the funny side of the sexy underwearEssence

The design style of sexy underwear

The fun underwear style appears in the movie is different.From the pure white flower decoration set worn by Anna Faris in the film, to the black texture of the grid pattern with hot pants, to the white corset and seductive underwear made from lace lace, each sexy underwear design isIt has its unique charm and can find their favorite styles regardless of men and women.

The effect of sexy underwear on character psychology

The two leading actors in Kevin Hart and Doun Johnson in the movie showed completely different personality characteristics after wearing a sexy underwear.Kevin Hart wears black corset and seductive underwear, becoming a confident and rustic man, while Donn Johnson wore red vests and black trousers.One of the most capable MAN BOY characters, these scenarios play a very important role in the advancement of the storyline.

The trend of sexy underwear

The richness and diversity of sexy underwear in the movie also reflects the continuous development and innovation of the industry in the real.In today’s society, the design and manufacturing technology of sexy underwear are very mature. Whether it is materials, colors, styles, and sizes, it can meet the needs of different people and be favored by more and more people.

Sexual discrimination of sexy underwear

However, despite the popularity of sexy underwear, many people still have discrimination and prejudice to this.Some people think that sexy underwear is only suitable for women to wear. Men’s sexy underwear is against the true nature of men. This gender stereotype will restrict the diversified development of the sex underwear industry.

Sex underwear and charm

Whether in movies or reality, sexy underwear is considered one of the ways to increase charm.Wearing sexy underwear can not only increase the sexy feeling, but also cause the other party’s curiosity and desire to explore.As we all know, charm is a very important personal characteristics, and sexy underwear can add a self -confidence and charm to us, which is worthy of our try.


The movie "Lizard wears sexy underwear" is not a traditional sexy underwear movie, but in the comedy story that the charm of sexy underwear is revealed, conveying different information to the audience, and it also reflects the reflectionThe trend of film theme innovation and diversity.In real life, sexy underwear, as a sexy and funny element, also attracts the interest of many people. It is worth trying together.

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