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Tmall women’s sexy underwear, the concept you need to understand

Interest underwear is a unique design and suitable for private occasions.It has many types, such as sexy lingerie, lace sexy underwear, SM sex underwear, etc.In the early days, the design of sexy underwear was mostly mainly to meet male visual needs, but now the design and application of sexy underwear are becoming more and more broad, and they pay more attention to women’s own feelings, especially in terms of sexy, comfortable and health.

Tmall women’s erotic underwear, which styles are worth buying?

When choosing a woman’s sexy underwear, it is best to use personal needs and body shape. Women’s erotic underwear size and ordinary underwear are not the same, so be sure to pay attention to your own size choice.In terms of style, you can choose sexy, cute or special styles, and choose different colors, materials and styles according to different occasions.

How can Tmall Woman sexy underwear correctly match?

Matching is an important factor in considering the overall effect of women’s sexy underwear. Different styles of women’s sexy underwear with different types of clothes can produce different effects.For example, in the lower dress of women’s erotic underwear, you can choose to coordinate or contrast with conspicuous skirts or shorts with it; on the top, you can choose clothes that can reflect the chest and waist curve.

What details should I pay attention to when wearing Tmall women’s sexy underwear?

When wearing women’s sexy underwear, be careful not to choose a size that is too small or too loose, otherwise it is easy to cause uncomfortable wear or carelessness.In addition, there are some specific details to pay attention to, such as the height of the shoulder strap, the width and length of the back buckle on the back, the length of the hem must be selected according to the individual body and type, otherwise it will affect the effect of the entire image.

How can Tmall Woman’s erotic underwear be effectively maintained?

You need to pay attention to some special details in maintaining women’s sexy underwear. For example, you can’t wash them with dark clothes. After washing, you should dry them flat. Do not dry it with a dryer, otherwise it will cause deformation, ball or shrinking.In addition, avoid using bleach and overheating water for cleaning.

Tmall women’s erotic underwear, how do you know the size of the size?

It is very important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size, because too large or too small can cause uncomfortable wear.At the same time, the size of each brand may be different, it is best to choose a professional brand website or physical store to buy.In addition, you can select the brand’s size table according to data such as height, weight, and bust.

Tmall women’s sexy underwear, sexy is different from exposure

When choosing a woman’s erotic underwear, you must avoid choosing the design of "exposure", but should pay more attention to the unique, comfortable and sexy charm design, avoiding the visual effects of seeking excessive expansion.In fact, sexy and exposure are two different concepts. Selective but not exposed women’s sexy underwear will be more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern women.

How can Tmall Woman erotic underwear, how to wear it appropriately?

When wearing a woman’s erotic underwear, pay attention to the proper wear, and do not stick it too tightly or too loose.If it is a lace -made woman’s sexy underwear, pay attention to prevent the fabric when wearing.If it is a sexy vest or briefs, pay attention to the aesthetic effect of the back and waist when wearing, and also consider whether it is suitable for the overall shape.

Tmall women’s erotic underwear, how to choose the color that suits you?

The color of women’s sexy lingerie is very different from the color of ordinary underwear, because sexy underwear will take into account the visual effects of color and use some bright and bold colors.When choosing your own color, you can refer to your skin color and style, or choose according to your preference.Under normal circumstances, you can choose the colors such as pink, pink, black or red with the color of the skin.

Tmall women’s erotic underwear, how to correctly match the jewelry?

The matching of women’s sexy underwear will be affected by the jewelry, and appropriate jewelry can play a better decoration role.Choosing different earrings, necklaces and collars can better match the sexy underwear.For example, you can choose to wear earrings or provide some neck decorations when you select sexy corset. At the same time, with different types of gloves, you can also make the beauty of sex underwear more upgraded.


In short, when choosing a woman’s sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to our own feelings and aesthetic needs, and choose the right style and size based on our body shape, occasion and style.Tmall women’s sexy underwear may be a good choice, because they have the quality and services, and at the same time choose appropriate matching and accessories, which will burn vision and emotional flames.

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