Tucao selling sexy underwear photos


In recent years, with the rise of the interesting industry, more and more sexy underwear brands have emerged, and there are some brands with sexy and explicit photos as selling points.However, can these photos really attract users?This article is to talk about the problem of selling sexy underwear photos.

Models are unprofessional

Some sexy underwear brands often choose amateur models to take photos, which largely affects the quality of the photo.These amateur models often do not have professional shooting experience and performance capabilities. In some photos, their expression is stiff, unnatural, and lacks real sense.

The photo is too vulgar

In order to attract the attention, some brands design the style of the photo is too vulgar, exaggerated color tone and excessive use effect effects, which makes people feel unreal and even disgusting.This design -style photo does not actually reflect the sexy of the underwear, but instead leads people’s attention from the product.

Lack of truth

Some sexy underwear brands use over -trimming or beauty software to process photos, making the photos lack of real sense.This kind of photo looks too "perfect" and does not meet people’s expectations for underwear. In fact, the buyers have misunderstandings and affect the purchase experience.

There is no characteristic of highlighting underwear

Photos should highlight the characteristics of underwear, such as fabrics, lace, easy to wear, etc., so that consumers can better understand and identify the product characteristics and advantages of these sexy underwear.But reality is that many photos seem unique, making people unable to judge what the underwear is different and characteristics.

Single composition

The composition of some sexy underwear photos is too single and has no new sense, making people feel like looking at a bunch of the same photos.This single composition does not stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, but makes people feel boring and bored.

No consider consumer diversity

Once upon a time, the sexy underwear market was mainly targeted at male consumers, but now the situation has changed, and female users have become important consumer groups in the sex underwear market.However, some sexy underwear photos are still only based on the male market, ignoring the diversity of consumers.In this case, brand sales will be affected to some extent.

The background is too chaotic

When designing photos, the background is too chaotic and the composition is unclear. It is difficult to keep consumers focus on the underwear products itself.Such a design not only affects consumers’ understanding of the product, but also dislikes consumers.

Lack of diversity

In some photos of sexy underwear brands, the model’s skin tone, hairstyle, and shapes are quite single, and they do not consider the diversity and differences of consumers.Such a design obviously cannot meet the needs of consumers and also affects the sales situation.

in conclusion

In the sexy underwear market, photos are important for sales.The above problems are not to deny the power of the brand, but to better remind the brand to consider user needs and provide consumers with professional and real sexy underwear products and purchase experience.Therefore, we hope that the brand can realize these problems and actively improve it when designing photos.

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