Various sexy underwear training novels

1. Training novels: start with the root cause

As a representative of erotic underwear, it is naturally impossible to lack the elements of training.Various sexy underwear training novels, especially women’s sex novels, have been very popular.The starting source of training novels usually starts with the strength of the protagonist.

2. The strength is king: classic sexy underwear training tone

Generally speaking, the heroine of the tuning novels usually has a strong role. They have various forms of strength, such as the power of the company’s president, the courage of the gangsters, the python queen’s wanton, the charm of the sexy goddess, and so on.And these powerful heroines can often control men and have a sense of control and happiness for them.

3. Resistance and enjoyment: psychological portrayal of male characters

Men’s characters in sexy underwear tuning novels are usually classic images.They have a good nature, but maintain a hypocritical moral outlook.Under the suppression and tuning of the heroine, on the one hand, they tried to resist, and on the other hand, they were eager to be conquered and enjoyed.

4. Sexy underwear: from clothing to props

Training novels is inseparable from the rendering of the scene, and these scenes are usually carried out in the secret space, such as the secret room, basement, hotel, and so on.With the cooperation of these plots, sexy underwear is often used as props, such as leather pants, stockings, high heels, etc., which can help the heroine deepen the control of men.

5. Abuse and pet: the two sides of training

There are many ways to teach men in sexy underwear training novels, including negative factors such as abuse, humiliation, and control, as well as positive elements such as pets, warmth, and care.Although these two factors are different, they can promote emotional healing and better control.

6. Training novels: portraying audiovisual effects

In the literary narrative of sexy underwear training novels, the audiovisual effect is also very important.For example, vivid scenes, shocking effects of various props, the protagonist’s magnetic sound line or the funny language can have a stronger stimulus effect on readers.

7. Vivid writing characteristics: break the stereotype, multi -dimensional portrayal

Good erotic underwear training novels must have distinctive writing characteristics, break the stereotype, and portray the ups and downs of the ups and downs from multiple dimensions.For example, the portrait of the character image, the fragile inner monologue, the wonderful plot waves, or the unstoppable momentum of portraying the heroine’s control.

8. Build logic: the plot points of training novels

Logical thinking is very important when building the plot of sexy underwear training novels.For example, the development of the plot must be regular, male psychological descriptions must be in line with reality, closely related to various props and clues, etc. These can increase the reader’s sense of joy and explosive power.

9. Gender Equality: Repexation of misunderstandings in this area

Although the protagonist in sexy underwear training novels is usually women, this does not mean that women need to control men, or women are stronger than men in a strict sense.On the contrary, the gender and equal thoughts of sexy underwear tuning novels are very important. It requires women to have confidence and courage, and at the same time require men to have desire and pursuit.

10. Summary: Fun underwear training novels value the sense of control and tuning skills

Based on the above discussion, we can conclude that sexy underwear training novels are based on the literary form of control and training skills. It can not only show the hero’s strength and various props, but also reflect the modern perspective of women and men’s equality.Essence

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