Sex underwear photographer novel

Start a photographer’s story

As a sexy underwear photographer, I was fortunate to have experienced many wonderful stories.

The embarrassment of the first shooting

When I first started to enter this industry, I filmed a model wearing sexy sexy underwear.I was at a loss at first, and I was embarrassed so that I didn’t know what to do.But with the help of the model, I recovered my confidence.

Photography of different styles

There are many different styles of sexy underwear shooting, some are mainstream European and American styles, some are Japanese style, and some are the extreme style of more spicy eyes.

The tacit understanding of the model and the photographer

In sexy underwear shooting, the model and photographer need to be fully tacit.Models need to understand the style and guidance of the photographer, and the photographer also needs to understand the style and needs of the model.

Details of clothing adjustment

Sex underwear has its own characteristics and needs to be adjusted accordingly according to the type of clothing.Some clothing needs to change the position of the corset or adjust the length of the shoulder straps, while others need to pay attention to the details of the belt.


Preparation before shooting is very important.This includes designated venues, lighting, and placing clothing and props.Only by carefully preparing can the shooting be more creative and artistic.

The importance of comfort

Sex underwear needs to make the model feel comfortable.If the models are uncomfortable, their expressions and body language will be affected.Once the models feel comfortable, their expressions and actions will become more natural and harmonious.

Shooting skills

There are many skills in shooting sexy underwear.For example, shooting from different angles, highlighting, using lens and light to create artistic effects.Only by mastering these techniques can we make excellent works.

The best work is never perfect

Each photographer wants to shoot perfect works, but this is almost impossible.In the process of seeking perfection, we may miss some more wonderful moments.Therefore, the best work is not absolutely perfect, but a work with certain flaws but full of beauty and creativity.


Every sex underwear photographer has its own story and style.I hope that by sharing my experience and knowledge, I can help more people to solve the process and skills of the shot of affection and get more fun and creativity in the creation.

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