Wearing a sex underwear show by C’s climax novels

Why wearing sexy underwear will become orgasm novels

Have you worn sexy underwear?What does it represent?If you put on a messy underwear and make you look on your eyes, under the leadership of your partner, you will feel surrounded by his hands, mouths and love, and feel a kind of physical and mental experience.

The charm and role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a small tool that allows couples to further interact.Its charm is not only the appearance, but also the information conveyed in its heart.Wearing sexy underwear is conveying: I love you, I want you to make you passion for me.

The role of sexy underwear

The purpose of wearing a sexy underwear is to make the partner feel his own love and desire, let him know more deeply, pay attention to every inch of your skin, in other words, to increase the taste of couples, enhance the between the twoLove and intimacy.

Learn your body and temperament, choose the right sexy underwear

A suitable erotic underwear will make you feel confident and make yourself more sexy and natural.She will let you remove the mask of daily life and truly show your feminine charm.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, you must choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body. For example, women with large chests can choose a fitted chest. The corset can enhance female breast lines and more beautiful.Open, play a role in the back support, while reducing the pressure of the shoulder and neck; if a thin person can choose a stronger underwear with a strong lace, it can increase the chest and improve personal charm.

Washing and maintenance

Like ordinary underwear, it is often necessary to wash it on the sexy underwear. Using a washing machine may damage the details of the details of the velvet sweaters, beads, etc., so that the method of luster is lost and deformed.At the same time, it is necessary to put it in a ventilation place when drying, and cannot be damaged by sun and rain, pulling and pulling.Too much detergent will affect the whiteness and color of the fabric.It is recommended to use small laundry bags to protect rubber, beads, and jewelry, and soak them to water. Each soaking time does not exceed 15 minutes. Gently wash or use a hand washing machine to dry too much water.Just dry.

What should I pay attention to when wearing a sexy underwear

The sense of alienation will gradually strengthen the mood with the regret of the partner, and the distance gradually expands. This effect is comparable to the taste of lily red powder.However, we need to note that when trying to wear sexy underwear, we can choose to wear sexy underwear in front of the partner or go out, because the details and matching methods of sexy underwear are inevitably different from ordinary underwear stickers.

Enjoy the pleasure brought by erotic underwear

Sex underwear brings not only a kind of sexual stimulus, but also a kind of physical and mental joy and psychological dependence.The contradictory emotions that were silently stroked by the partner, the conflict that was blamed but longed for it, increased the value of sexy underwear in an instant.

Common sexy underwear types and flavors

Common sexy lingerie types can be selected according to different tastes when purchasing. There are sexual erotic lingerie, relatively lace, and see -through shirts, transparent, open crotch and other sexy sexy.Interest underwear.

Choose the right brand

It is important to choose the right brand.Good reputation, excellent quality, perfect brand service system, advanced equipment, rigorous management system, and the spirit of "stable, courage, pioneering, and innovation" of monk’s implementation are very important brand marketing strategies.

my point of view

Interest underwear itself is a wonderful artwork. Wearing a sexy underwear, let us return to the center of our body and emotion, and remember that we are a sexy woman or a passionate man.More importantly, sexy underwear has a path to a more intimate relationship between couples. The exquisite, pleasant and mutually understanding love has an irreplaceable role in improving the relationship between couples.

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