What are the big messy underwear brands


With the continuous progress of society, private underwear such as sexy underwear has been accepted and supported by many people.Major brands are also competing to launch various styles and styles of sexy underwear.Well, today we will take a look at the sexy underwear brands.

International brand

In the sexy underwear market, brands from Europe and the United States naturally occupy a place.Taking the American brand Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret) as an example, its fabrics such as lace, tulle are close to the body and can perfectly outline the lines of women’s figure.There are also French brands Chantelle (Chanteca) and Aubade (Obad), which are more in line with European women’s aesthetics.

Domestic brands

In recent years, domestic sex lingerie brands have also developed rapidly.Among them, some of the obvious representative brands, such as Aimer (Ai) and Ordifen, etc., are adhering to the weak and quiet aesthetic style of Oriental women, focusing on details, colors, and fabrics.Favorite sexy underwear products.

High-end brand

Some sexy underwear brands pay attention to word of mouth and quality. In the mouths of these brands, low -cost and low -quality sexy underwear products will never be seen.For example, the Italian brand La Perla is such a high -end brand.Their underwear is mainly sexy, beautiful and noble. Not only has they cooperated with the famous Italian jewelry dealer Bulgari (Bulgari) to launch sex underwear, but also appeared on the famous Victoria’s secret fashion show.

Professional brand

In addition, there are some brands that are often ignored. They only make sexy underwear products, but the product quality and design are quite good.For example, the Chielme brand from China is a representative professional brand.They focus on design, fabric research and development, and sexy styles, while meeting different chest needs and wearing habits.

Cute style brand

As a style of sexy underwear, cute and sweet are also popular.Common brands, such as PEACH JOHN from Japan, and Ravijor (Luo Weirir) brand in Japan, they have played their cute styles, and their prices are relatively close to the people.

popular brand

In addition to those high -end and luxurious sexy lingerie brands, there are also popular brands that have deeply won the hearts of young women with their price and design styles.For example, the Aerie brand from the United States has also tried to launch more sexy, gender -neutral underwear products in recent years, and has won the favor of many consumers in continuous innovation and exploration.

Brand impression comparison

After the above introduction, we can find that different brands have their own characteristics in terms of product design, fabric selection, sales strategies, etc.Both international brands and domestic brands are constantly iterating and innovating in competition.We can choose sexy underwear brands that are suitable for our style and needs according to our preferences.


When buying sexy underwear, we should first measure our body size, and then choose the size that suits them according to the size table of different brands.In addition, for women who have not yet understood their chest shape, they can consider sex underwear shops to measure or consult the clerk.


In the sexy underwear market, different brands have their own characteristics and advantages.We can choose the brand and style that suits us according to our needs and taste.Only after choosing the right sexy underwear can we truly enjoy the confidence and charm brought by this private clothing.

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