What are the classic Paris sexy underwear brands

What are the classic Paris sexy underwear brands

Paris is a fashion capital and the birthplace of sexy underwear. The classic Paris sex lingerie brands are countless. The following will introduce the 10 most famous brands.


Chantelle was founded in a beautiful Paris and provided high -quality sexy underwear for European ladies.Brand designers are committed to creating exciting sexy and comfortable and durable underwear, making women’s bodies more charming and full of feminine charm.


As a brand that specializes in sexy underwear, AUBADE is perfect in innovative design and excellent quality.Its unique and changeable series allows people to experience unprecedented sexy and romantic details through carefully carved details.

3. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand and also occupies a place in Paris.The brand has always showed sexy and personality boldly with boldness as a fashion concept.

4. Simone Perele

Simone Perele is a sexy underwear brand that has inherited the 85 -year -old history. Its design style is gorgeous, sexy but not gentle, and also attaches great importance to women’s comfort.

5. L’Agent

L ’Agent is the second -tier brand of Agent Provocateur, and is committed to creating an affordable and delicate sexy underwear series.It will never compromise in terms of quality because of prices.The brand’s sexy lingerie series is both innocent and emotional, and is very popular with young women.

6. La Perla

La Perla is a Italian sexy underwear brand. Since 1954, its design style has adhered to the traditional Italian handmade art taste.The brand’s design concepts that advocate comfort and sexy coexist have attracted many women with beauty in all ages.

7. Marlies Dekker

Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch brand that is inspired by confidence, charming and sexy. The difference from his interesting underwear brands is its distinctive geometric pattern design, and the personality and fashion are more deterrent.

8. Maison Lejaby

As one of the pioneers of the French sex underwear industry, Maison Lejaby has attracted the hearts of countless French women with a contemporary style, and constantly stimulates the pursuit of innovation and personality.In addition to its beauty and comfort, its underwear design is also very deep in research on chest support.

9. Implicite

Implicite is a stunning explosive brand, and it has performed well in terms of innovative design and high -quality production.The brand’s sexy underwear series is unique, which can not only enhance the beauty of the body, but also reveal the sexy charm. It is a must for women’s underwear.

10. ETAM

ETAM is a large -scale chain of sexy underwear brand. Its products not only have stable quality, but also launch a wonderful design from time to time.The brand classic underwear series is mainly simple, comfortable and unique.At the same time, it has continuously injected dynamic elements and won the favor of many women.

in conclusion

Paris sex lingerie brands not only lead the fashion trend in design concepts, but also have been recognized by the people in high quality and strong practicality.If you are looking for a suitable sexy underwear, these brands will not disappoint you.

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