What are the sexy lingerie songs


With the change of the times, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of many women’s daily life.In addition to buying suitable sexy underwear, sexy lingerie songs have also become a hot topic.So, what classic sexy lingerie songs?Below, let’s discuss together.

"I want your sex"

This song sung by British singer George Michael was released in 1987. It is a classic work full of erotic and aestheticism.The theme of the song "I want your sex" is straightforward and powerful, which has become a must -have song at the scene of the sex underwear show.

"Magic Mike XXL"

This movie starring Channing Tatum has become a favorite sexy lingerie background music with its unique plot and amazing male physical beauty.Among them, the classic song "PONY" in the movie has become a masterpiece in sexy underwear show music.

Lady Marmalade

This song was sang by Kristina Aquilla, Lier Kim, Maya, and Beyonce. With the theme of female autonomy and independence, it is a commonly used music on sexy lingerie shows.


This song is sung by the American women’s music group Pussycat Dolls, showing the beauty of women’s body in a teasing and exciting form.This song has also become one of the classic songs in the sex underwear show.

"Pour SOME SUGAR on Me"

This song sung by the British Rock Band DEF Leppard. The music rhythm is fast and full of interest. It is a good sexy lingerie background music choice.

"Feeling Good"

This song sung by Michael Brunbre is a soft and passionate song suitable for the sexy underwear show. The melody rotates and the singing is full of sincere feelings.

"Crazy in Love"

This song sung by Beyonce and Jay-Z has unique style and touching melody. It is also one of the songs often used on the sexy underwear show.


This song sung by Christina Aquilla, with the theme of sexy and wild nature, is full of energy and passion, suitable for background music on the sexy underwear show.

"Sexual Healing"

This song sung by Marvin Gay is suitable for the background music on the sex underwear show. The song conveys a deep emotion that understands and considerate.


This song sung by Fleden Knight is very frequent on the sexy underwear show.The song is fast -paced and beautiful, making people unable to extricate themselves.

In short, the choice of sexy lingerie songs should pay great attention to the nature and theme of the song, and don’t be too explicit or vulgar.Choosing the right sexy lingerie song can add a lot of color to the sexy lingerie show, making people feel sexy and wonderful more deeply.

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