What does my girlfriend wearing sexy underwear feel

What does my girlfriend wearing sexy underwear feel

For her boyfriend, my girlfriend wearing a fun underwear is an excitement.Because this not only represents his girlfriend’s trust in herself, but also a sex game, adding more fun to sexual life.But can my girlfriend really make sex life better?Let’s discuss from several aspects.

1. Visual stimulus

Interest underwear undoubtedly brings a visual stimulus to her boyfriend, especially the language, movements, and expressions before sexual behavior will be more relaxed, confident and tempting.Seeing my girlfriend wearing a variety of sexy underwear in front of her, it is undoubtedly a enjoyment for her boyfriend.Moreover, girlfriends can also increase their interests and make sexual life more colorful.

2. physical fit

For girlfriends, sexy underwear must not only be beautiful, but more importantly to be comfortable.Only comfortable sexy underwear will fit the body more, showing the sexy charm of girlfriends.If the erotic underwear is uncomfortable, it will make his girlfriend feel uneasy and embarrassing, affecting the taste and quality of sexual life.Therefore, if your girlfriend wants to wear sexy underwear, you must choose the style and size of the comfortable body.

Third, self -confidence

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only make his girlfriend show his sexy charm, but also enhance your girlfriend’s self -confidence.When a girlfriend puts on a beautiful sexy underwear, she will feel that she becomes charming and attractive. This emotion will be transformed into more confident and positive actions, thereby improving the quality and enjoyment of sexual life.

Four, sex games

Interest underwear can not only increase the fun and fun of sexual life, but also a sex game.For example, a boyfriend can try to do something exciting when girlfriend wears sexy underwear, or play games such as role -playing.This interaction can enhance the feelings and tacit understanding between the two, making sexual life more harmonious and happy.

5. Increase the sense of irritation

Some sexy underwear design is very teasted, and its design characteristics often increase the sense of irritation.For example, some sexy underwear will be set on the key parts, which is a bold and explicit design, and it will make both sides more exciting.If your girlfriend wants to increase sexual stimuli, you can choose such sex underwear.

Six, seasonal changes

Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear has a variety of styles, style and personality, and suitable for various occasions.In different seasons, the style of sexy underwear is also diverse. For example, in summer, you can choose a good breathability, light sex bikini or lace lace style, and in winter, you can choose warm sex pajamas or thickened cotton quality interest.Underwear, so that the sexual life of the two people is more comfortable and pleasant.

Seven, the quality of sexy underwear

The quality of erotic underwear is also a key point.If you choose low -quality sexy underwear, not only uncomfortable, but also may cause problems such as your girlfriend’s physical allergies.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to factors such as brand, material and production technology to avoid affecting sexual life and health due to poor quality.

Eight, the harmony of sexual life

Interest underwear can increase the tacit understanding of the two, enhance the harmony of sexual life, and make both men and women feel happy and satisfied.Especially when the relationship between the two is relatively stable, sexy underwear is one of the best ways to add fun.However, do not simply link sexy underwear and sex life, and feel tenderness and love deep in the heart, so as to make sexual life better.


Girlfriends wearing fun underwear can increase the fun and fun of sexual life, but the premise is to ensure comfort and quality.At the same time, do not make interesting underwear and sexual life strokes. It also needs to inject love and tenderness into the two in order to truly achieve the harmony, joy and joy of sexual life.

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