What equipment do I need to use sex underwear

Understand the process of making love underwear

The production process of sexy underwear is very complicated and needs to be completed through multiple links.Among them, equipment is an essential part. Let’s take a look at what equipment needs to be used for sex underwear.

Cutting equipment

In the process of making sexy underwear, cutting is an essential step.The cutting equipment includes cutting machines and manual scissors.By cutting equipment, the fabric can be accurately cut according to the design model to ensure that the size of each product is accurate.

Sewing equipment

Sewing is one of the key steps for making sexy underwear, and the role of sewing equipment is also crucial.Sewing equipment includes sewing machines, cranes and needle beds.Through the sewing equipment, the cut -cut fabric can be sutured finely to complete the infrastructure of sexy underwear.

Painted equipment

When making sexy underwear, painting equipment is also an essential part.The painting equipment includes printing machines, ink hangers and inkjet machines.Through painted equipment, you can print rich patterns on sexy underwear, increase its visual effect, and make it more attractive.

Ironing equipment

The ironing equipment is also very important in the production of sexy underwear.After the sewing is completed, the product needs to be ironed to make it more flat and beautiful.The ironing device includes hot and absorbing iron, etc., through these equipment, can achieve fast and effective hot flat effects through these devices.

Testing Equipment

After the production of sexy underwear is completed, the detection equipment can ensure that the quality of the product meets the standard.The detection equipment includes hardness, elastic meter, quality monitor, etc.Through these devices, comprehensive detection and control of the quality of sexy underwear can be achieved to ensure the quality of the product.

Packaging Equipment

After the production of sexy underwear is completed, it is also necessary to use the packaging equipment for packaging.The packaging equipment includes shrink packaging machines, compressed packaging machines, sealing machines, etc.Through these devices, the finished sexy underwear can be made simple and efficient packaging to ensure its intact in transportation, storage and display.

Transportation Equipment

In the production process of sexy underwear, transportation equipment is also an essential part.Transportation equipment includes forklifts, electric vehicles, transport vehicles, etc.Through these devices, materials, finished products, etc. can be used for safe and fast transportation and transportation, which provides convenience for production.

Maintenance of equipment

During the production process, the equipment needs to be maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation.Maintenance equipment includes cleaning equipment, lubrication equipment, maintenance equipment, etc.Through these devices, the stability of the equipment can be guaranteed and its service life is extended.


The production of sexy underwear requires multiple equipment, including tailoring equipment, sewing equipment, painting equipment, ironing equipment, detection equipment, packaging equipment, transportation equipment, and maintenance equipment.These devices cooperate with each other to jointly complete the production and production of products, and also provide a solid foundation for the development of sexy underwear.

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