What is the best promotion of sexy underwear

1 Introduction

The sexy underwear industry has always been controversial, but anyway, this is also a recognized large market.So, how can merchants engaged in the sales of love underwear be promoted to the promotion of erotic underwear and make their brand more attention?

2. Social media promotion

In the era when social media prevails, social media has become one of the popular ways of promoting all enterprises.For industries such as sex underwear, choosing to promote in social media will make it easier for users to understand the brand image and product types of sexy underwear.For example, posting some sexy pictures on Instagram, and sending some topics about sex on Twitter can attract a group of users.

3. Use various e -commerce platforms

E -commerce platforms are important places for sales of various products.In the e -commerce platform, you can use the homepage design, product description, evaluation and other links to promote sexy underwear.If these links can be used reasonably, you can show the exquisiteness of the product and guide consumers to actively shop.

4. Hold public activities

Holding some public activities can attract more consumers to sexy underwear shops.For example, a theme party is held once a month, or a big coffee to help the lingerie sales of affectionate underwear to traffic activities and so on.In this way, it can not only increase the popularity of the store, but also allow users to better understand the quality of love underwear, thereby strengthening brand recognition.

5. Do a good job of keyword marketing

Make keyword optimization in search engines to allow people to find the products they need more quickly.Therefore, it is important to use keywords correctly.You can investigate the keywords of users to search for sexy underwear and set it to the label of the store and the corresponding products. This not only allows the store to be searched by users more quickly, but also plays a very important role in the platform’s SEO ranking.

6. The training and service of the shopping guide

In sexy underwear shops, the role of shopping guides is very important.They must not only have a good service attitude, but also understand the styles and nature of various sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain product knowledge.

7. With the media platform

With media platforms, such as TV plots, movie plots, and so on.The page Lie is the same as the seed library video. Introduce a sexy part of the heroine in the movie plot, or the sexy underwear brand starring the male and female starring the male and female in the pornographic film. These are advertisements that allow consumers to well understand the love of love underwear products.

8. Exquisite publicity information

In real life, excellent propaganda materials often make people form a good memory of a brand in the subtle way.Therefore, exquisite publicity materials such as leaflet propaganda, shop posters, etc. in sexy underwear shops can also attract users’ attention.

9. Use the new media blog

For the categories such as sexy underwear, new media blogs can also effectively attract consumers.You can post some erotic underwear stories on blogs such as fun culture and other hobbies, such as a sexy male and female, or some internal topics, and at the same time stick your brand at the end, then readers after reading are likely to follow youThe brand process has further improved the recognition of your sexy underwear brand.

10. Reasonable pricing and quality guarantee

The important thing is that no matter what marketing strategy you use, you need to ensure that your products are not as high as high, real materials, and quality assurance.Only quality assurance can consumers trust you.Only when the price is reasonable can consumers afford it.


The sexy underwear market is a widely recognized market, so if you want to succeed in this market, you should understand the importance of marketing.Choosing the appropriate promotion method will attract your brand more attention.For stores, we must ensure the quality of supply channels and pay attention to detail services.

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