What equipment is needed for sex underwear

What equipment is needed for sex underwear

1. Sewing machine

The production of erotic underwear is inseparable from the sewing machine.The choice of sewing machines should consider frequency, sewing effect and price.You can choose ordinary home sewing machines, computer sewing machines or industrial sewing machines.

2. Cutting board

Cutting plates are the second tools for sex underwear to make. It can protect the cutting tools and desktops, while avoiding the sliding of the fabric and maintaining the correct cut size.

3. Cutting tool

When making sexy underwear, you need to cut the required shape and size from the textile.There are many different cutting tools. The most commonly used is cutting, cutting knife and scissors.

4. Iron board and iron

The ironing board and iron play an important role in the production of sexy underwear.Pingting of the plain fabric, the flat stitching and folds, etc., making the finished product flatter and beautiful.

5. Dew gauze

Dew gauze refers to the soft and light gauze, which is one of the most commonly used fabrics on sexy underwear.Use dew gauze to make underwear to increase comfort and reduce the volume.

6. Lace edge, lace and decoration

The decoration of sexy underwear is very important, and lace edges, lace and other decorations are good choices.These decorative materials are usually used in panties, bellybands and vests.

7. Follow the band

The fitting band of sexy underwear is very advanced technology and is hand -made.It can be used in water, lightweight and exposed.Following the band is not only comfortable, but also increases sexy style.

8. Hooks, buttons and buckles

There are usually many hooks, buttons and buckles in sexy underwear. These are small tools used in the production process. Their choices and use of the beauty and comfort to the finished product have a lot of color.

9. Special equipment that people need due to crafts

It may also need to use some special equipment to make sexy underwear, such as a professional woven machine, embroidery machine, hot ingenuity, dullness, and so on.Using these special devices can improve the quality and personalization of sexy underwear.

10. Employees trained for production and production of underwear

Finally, the key to making sexy underwear is to make these underwear employees.They need to master basic tailoring and sewing techniques, and they also need to professional understanding of the details and special needs of each sexy underwear.

in conclusion

If you want to make high -quality sexy underwear, you need to prepare a series of equipment and tools.These devices include sewing machines, cutting boards, cutting tools, ironing boards and iron, dew gauze, lace edges, lace and decorations, and so on.At the same time, there must be a team of employees who have been trained. They can be responsible for the production process of sexy underwear to produce high -quality finished products.

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