What fabrics of sexy underwear

What fabrics of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is very attractive to female friends.Not only because it can enhance the stimulus of sexual life, but also because it has excellent design and fabric choices.So, what fabrics usually use in sex underwear, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these fabrics in terms of quality and use?Let’s introduce it below.

1. cotton

Cotton is a commonly used fabric, and it is also one of the most important fabrics in sexy underwear.Cotton fabrics are soft and comfortable, have good hygroscopic and breathability, can relieve the skin and avoid excessive irritation.However, cotton fabrics are also easier to get the ball, and some erotic underwear may use cotton fabrics.

2. Silk

Silk is a high -quality fabric that can bring a very comfortable feeling.In sexy underwear, the advantage of silk fabrics is that the touch is very comfortable, and it has a good gloss and texture.However, the price of silk is relatively high, and be careful when wearing time to prevent color drop or damage.

3. lace

Lace is a very common fabric in sexy underwear.It has a good breathability and sweetness, which can show the beautiful lines of women.However, lace is more likely to be damaged and needs to be carefully maintained.

4. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a very common fabric and one of the fabrics often used in sexy underwear.Its breathability and hygroscopicity are better, and they have good toughness and abrasion resistance.However, compared with other fabrics, polyester fiber feels poor, and some friends will feel not comfortable enough.

5. Artificial fiber

Artificial fiber is a relatively extensive fabric classification, including a variety of different fiber materials.Their common advantages are relatively low prices, soft texture, and better breathability.However, artificial fibers are usually easier to static electricity, and some friends will feel not comfortable enough.

6. Leather

Leather is a very unique material, which can bring more sexy styles to sexy underwear.However, because the leather is relatively stiff and uncomfortable to wear, and the price is relatively high, it is necessary to use and maintain carefully.

7. Pure silk

Pure silk is also one of the fabrics commonly used in sexy underwear. It has a good gloss and feel, which can show the feminine lines of women well.However, the price of pure silk is very expensive, and it is necessary to be careful when using and maintenance.

8. Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a new type of fabric that is often used in high -end sexy underwear.Its advantages are lighter and comfortable, and can also bring some additional functions, such as anti -static, radiation protection, and so on.Because the cost of carbon fiber is high, the price is relatively high.

9. Laika

Rica is a relatively new type of fabric with good elasticity and texture.In sexy underwear, it can bring a more fit effect, and at the same time, it can also increase the texture and design of the entire sexy underwear.

10. Other fabrics

In addition to the above fabrics, other different fabrics are also used in sexy underwear, such as nylon, spandex, bamboo fiber, and so on.Each fabric has advantages and disadvantages, and needs to be selected according to actual needs and personal taste.


The choice of fabrics has a very important impact on the quality and comfort of sexy underwear.Although different fabrics have their own characteristics, choice should be made according to the actual situation.In general, the texture, comfort, and touch of sex underwear are relatively high, so pay attention to the balance of quality and comfort when choosing fabrics.

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