What kind of car do I need to buy in sex underwear

What kind of car do I need to buy in sex underwear

When creating a sexy underwear brand or production of sexy underwear, choosing the required equipment and tools correctly will greatly affect your success.Below we will introduce some vehicles and equipment you need to buy to ensure that you can produce high -quality sexual sexy underwear.

1. Sewing machine

Sewing machines are one of the basic tools for making sexy underwear.When choosing a sewing machine, you need to consider the material, thickness and other miscellaneous items you want to sew.If you want to sewn large surface materials, you need to choose a large bow length sewing machine.

Second, scissors and blades

The correct scissors and blades will make the production process faster and accurate.First of all, you need to buy at least one pair of good scissors to ensure that you can be more fine and efficient when tailoring and finishing fabrics.Secondly, you need to buy some blades to cut the fabric when necessary.

Third, scissors and scissors

The scissors and scissors are a must -have attachment to the sewing machine.Used to cut the needle line, line head and other small line tails.

Fourth, clothing printing machine

If your sex lingerie brand needs to customize patterns and print brand logos, then you may need a clothing printing machine.This device can print patterns and logos on sexy underwear to make the sexy underwear unique and more personalized.

5. Standard model

Before making sexy underwear, it is very important to test and design on human models.Standard models need to be simulated in various shapes and sizes.You can buy different standard models in the market to adapt to your different types of sexy underwear.

6. Spreading and hot board

When making sexy underwear, you need to handle various complex details and shapes.To this end, you need to use hot fights and hot boards to neatly flat the sexy lingerie.Especially when dealing with some sensitive materials, you need to be careful.

Seven, ink circle and ink plate

If you need to produce some printed erotic underwear, then you need to buy some ink circles and ink disks.The ink disc is an important part of the printing process, because it can save the color of the sexy underwear multiple printed consistency.

8. Plastic bags and packaging machines

Once you produce sexy underwear, you need to pack and check them.First, you need to buy some appropriate plastic bags to protect products.Then you need a packaging machine, which will perfectly put the product into the bag.

in conclusion:

Choosing the correct equipment and tools is an indispensable part of making sexy underwear, which will help improve efficiency and production quality.When buying equipment, you should pay attention to the materials, size and functions, and after -sales service and guarantee.

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