What should I do if Taobao can’t receive sexy underwear


In today’s era, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on the Taobao platform, but some people have encountered problems: Taobao cannot collect interest underwear.So, how should this problem be solved?

Cause Analysis

Why can’t Taobao sometimes unable to collect sex underwear?In fact, this is related to the laws and regulations on the Taobao platform.According to my country’s laws, sales of sex products require special qualifications and certificates, and Taobao does not have these qualifications.Therefore, some sellers will sell sexy underwear under the category of "health products" or "cosmetics", but there will be certain risks in doing so.

Solution 1: Find legal channels

If you really need to buy sexy underwear, you can buy it through some legal channels, such as major adult products or sex shops.These shops have corresponding business licenses and sales qualifications, which can be purchased with confidence.

Solution 2: Buy overseas overseas

In addition, if you have a plan to travel abroad, you can also consider buying sexy underwear overseas.Because some countries and regions have more open management of sex products, such as Japan and the United States.

Solution 3: Buy on other platforms

In addition to the Taobao platform, there are many other e -commerce platforms to buy sexy lingerie, such as JD.com, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc.These platforms have corresponding qualifications and licenses, which can be purchased more assured.

Solution 4: Do not buy sexy underwear

If you feel that the above three solutions are not suitable for you, you can also consider not buying sexy underwear.After all, health and legitimate use are the most important.


No matter which solution you choose, you need to pay attention to the following points.First of all, do not buy unlicensed sexy underwear to avoid hidden health hazards to yourself.Secondly, do not search for content related to sexy underwear on the Internet to avoid violating the law.

risk warning

If you choose to buy sexy underwear on the Taobao platform, you need to pay attention to the following risks.First of all, the seller may be blackmail for various reasons, such as taking pictures and looking for purchasing.Secondly, the seller may put sex underwear on the category of "health products" or "cosmetics", but this does not meet the regulations and the buyer has no legal guarantee.


Although the Taobao platform cannot sell sexy underwear, we can buy through other legal channels.When buying, you need to pay attention to ensure that your health and rights are not damaged.

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