What kind of trademark category belongs to sex underwear

What kind of trademark category belongs to sex underwear

Background introduction

As people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear, as a special Underwear, is becoming more and more popular.So what kind of trademark category does sex underwear belong to?


Trademark refers to a sign that is used to distinguish the source of goods. Depending on the different commodities and services, the trademark is divided into different categories and categories.Interest underwear belongs to the "clothing" category in the 25th category, mainly covering products such as clothing, shoes, hats.

Definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear usually refers to those with special materials, tailoring, and design to make the wearer more sexy and charming underwear.Its styles are diverse, such as corset, tube tops, jackets, role -playing clothes, etc.

Features of sexy underwear

The characteristic of sexy underwear is a unique design and sexy style, and generally pays more attention to the sexy feelings and visual effects of the wearer.Materials usually use fabrics with good comfort and good experience, such as soft silk and lace.At the same time, sexy underwear focuses on showing and emphasizing body curves and proportions.

Selling form of sexy underwear

The sales method of sexy underwear mainly includes physical stores and online sales.The advantage of physical stores is that it can provide a more authentic trial experience and shopping environment, and the advantage of online sales is that it can save costs such as store rent and labor and reduce the price of goods.

The market prospects of sexy underwear

The development prospects of the sex underwear market are very broad. With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of sex, more people have begun to recognize the importance of sex and the status of sex in life.Therefore, increasing the sexual interest of individuals and partners has also become an important way of lifestyle, and the consumer market of sexy underwear has also been further expanded.

Volkswagen of sexy underwear

With the popularity and marketization of sexy underwear, sexy underwear has gradually become a popular fashion trend, rather than just serving those who pursue fresh and irritating.Today, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

The future of sexy underwear

In the future, the sex underwear market will show a rapid growth trend. At the same time, sex underwear will further combine emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality to provide consumers with more comprehensive and detailed customer services.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear, as a special Underwear, belongs to the "clothing" category of category 25.It has the characteristics of unique design, sexy style and excellent performance. It has penetrated into modern fashion life and has become a fashion trend.The future of sexy underwear has very broad development prospects. We can expect it to bring us more surprises and beauty in all aspects of technology, fashion, sex, culture.

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