What sexy underwear is good for breasts and small buttocks

What sexy underwear is good for breasts and small buttocks

1. Put on the branian bra

Women with small buttocks can give priority to the suitable styles when choosing sexy underwear, such as thickened bras.This kind of bra can provide a certain support and plumpness for the chest form, and visually improves the effect.

2. Select sexy underwear suitable for chest shape

Each woman’s chest shape is different, so you need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your chest shape.For women with small buttocks, you can choose the front -lift style, steel ring, tensile force and other styles to achieve the effect of improving the chest.

3. Try to avoid too thick shoulder straps

The sexual stress of the shoulder -wide sexy underwear will increase the visual pressure of the shoulder and make the chest appear smaller. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should avoid being too thick and wider as much as possible.

4. Choose the color that suits you

Color is also a problem that you need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear. For women with big and small buttocks, you can try to choose a bright colored sexy underwear, such as pink and blue.This can play a role in contrasting color and make the chest more prominent.

5. Choose a light texture fabric

The choice of fabrics of sexy underwear is also very important. The thin and thin fabric can fit the body more naturally, giving people a whole feeling.In addition, the light fabric is also more breathable, avoiding discomfort when wearing impermeable sexy underwear.

6. The waist design must be tight

For women full of hips, the waist design of sexy underwear is very important.The firming erotic underwear on the waist can close the hips, play a role in conclusion, and make the hips look firmer.

7. Try sexy conjoined sexy underwear

The body sex lingerie can be cleverly connected to the chest and hips into one to create a sexy visual effect.For women with small buttocks, wearing even bodywear underwear can make the chest and hips a certain balance, and build a smooth curve beauty.

8. Decoration should choose the right position

The decoration of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to the choice of location. For women with big buttocks, you can add decoration to the chest position to strengthen the visual influence.And adding decorative sexy underwear in the hip position will increase the buttocks.

9. Cooperate with other clothing to form an overall match

If you just put on sexy underwear alone, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect.Therefore, women with small buttocks may use other clothing to form a overall match, such as wearing tight pants and high heels, which can show the charm of women.

10. Choose top brands

When choosing a sexy underwear, the brand also needs to consider it.Choosing a top brand’s sexy underwear can ensure the quality and comfort while taking into account the beauty.The sexy underwear of top brands usually has professional designers and craftsmen, which can create sexy underwear that is most suitable for women for their figure and temperament for women.

Women with small buttocks need to consider multiple problems when choosing sexy underwear, such as styles, colors, fabrics, waist design and decorative positions.The most important thing is to choose the right brand to ensure comfort and quality.Only when wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can we show the charm and confident temperament of women.

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