What should I say when I find a sexy underwear

What should I say when I find a sexy underwear

Falling underwear is a clothing that makes women add confidence and charm while sexy.However, when the sexy underwear is discovered by someone who should not be seen, it may make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.So, what should we do when sexy underwear is found?This article will provide you with a solution.

Don’t be shy

First of all, we should be clear that sexy underwear is a common product, and it is not our fault.Therefore, we should not be shy or blame ourselves.On the contrary, we should face this problem more confidently.


When we find that sexy underwear is discovered, the best way is to keep calmness and calmness, and do not show a panic attitude.We can calmly explain to the discoverers that this is a very common thing, and there is nothing to panic.

Explain the purpose of sexy underwear

Some people may have misunderstandings about sexy underwear, thinking that this is a kind of exposed and vulgar clothing.Therefore, we can explain to the discoverers that the appearance of sexy underwear is to increase women’s confidence and charm and help women get more joy in sex.


In order to avoid the privacy leakage of sexy underwear, we can remind the discoverers to keep confidential.Permanently, sexy underwear belongs to our personal items and should not be promoted or spread casually.

Tell them others also have

In order to let the discovery let go of concerns, we can tell them that in fact, many people have fun underwear, which is not a big deal.We might as well say that some people we know also have erotic underwear to prove the popularity of sexy underwear.

Dialogue must be civilized

In response to the dialogue found in sexy underwear, we must pay attention to mastering tone and attitude.Avoid using too excited or uncivilized vocabulary to avoid misunderstandings, and even cause corners or disputes.

Control emotion

For some discovers, they may be unhappy with us, or are dissatisfied and hostile to sexy underwear.In this case, we should keep calm and rational, not too nervous or angry.At the same time, we must also respect the opinions of the discoverers and avoid excessive argument and performance.

Listen carefully

When sexy underwear is discovered, we should also listen carefully to the opinions and reactions of the discoverers.Their attitude and response allow us to better understand our situation and needs, and also help us to better deal with these problems in future lives.


In short, when the sexy underwear is discovered, we should keep calmness and calmness, and we don’t have to shy or blame ourselves.We can explain the use and significance of sexy underwear to the discoverers, remind them to keep confidential and avoid disclosure of privacy.At the same time, we must also control our emotions and attitudes to maintain civilization and rationality.Hope this article can help you solve the problem.

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