What to do with old sexy underwear

1. Old sexy underwear quietly accumulate

As a sexy underwear, we pay special attention to the maintenance and update of underwear, but there will always be some outdated sexy underwear quietly accumulated in our wardrobe.They belong to some nostalgic moments, how to deal with old -fashioned underwear that is damaged, outdated, and unknown. Let’s take a look.

2. Revolution the old sexy underwear

If old underwear is still a beloved thing for you, then you can consider refurbishing underwear.You can replace some of the decorative accessories on the underwear, sewing and re -cutting, turning it into a new sexy underwear, transforming new ideas, and getting a new feeling.Of course, you can also choose to ask professionals to customize.

3. Safety handling old sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very personal item, and it is necessary to thoroughly know and pay attention to hygiene.If you don’t want others to get your old underwear, then safety treatment is the best choice: thoroughly cleaning and put them in the textile recovery bag at home.This can ensure that your privacy is also a respect for underwear.

4. Donation of old underwear

If your old sexy underwear is intact and you want to transfer them to people in need, you can choose to donate.Many Red Cross, Women’s Associations, women’s and children’s health care institutions, and charity institutions will receive such donations to flow these sexy underwear to those who urgently need help.

5. Interesting underwear Creative Reuse

In such a era of DIY, we fully open up imagination, and sexy underwear can be transformed into other items.Cut the old sexy underwear into pieces, sew it into a beautiful item such as cotton pads, wiping small towels, and artworks, and then use old underwear to make an art device to make exquisite sexy underwear eager to try.

6. dustproof and custody of old underwear

Although the old sexy underwear is inappropriate to wear again, we don’t need to discard them immediately.Throwing in the wardrobe not only takes up space, but also makes them gray and aged.After you can complete the above methods, keep them in a safe, clean, and dry place, and then preserve it with oxyte acid paper, etc. when taking it out.

7. Find a special commemorative place

Old erotic underwear is full of unique memories, and maybe it is a good choice to make their income memoirs.You can also choose to find a special place to display these sexy underwear in a unique way, engraving the inner emotions, traces of time, and memories.

8. Environmental treatment of old underwear

If the old erotic underwear is no longer used, of course, it should not be thrown away.As a responsible and responsible fashion talent, we should also actively understand the relevant policies of environmental protection and related contact information of environmental protection organizations, and actively conduct environmental protection.Recycling and environmental protection treatment is our responsibility as a citizen.

9. Precautions for the safety treatment of old sexy underwear

Underwear is a private item. While safely dealing with old sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to protecting privacy and avoid unnecessary trouble.Try to find the right way to avoid personal privacy of exposed underwear and protect personal privacy.

10. General suggestions

For the old sexy underwear how to deal with it, in general, it is necessary to distinguish the situation, clarify your needs, and deal with the old sexy underwear as soon as possible to ensure that you are healthy and safe.Interest underwear is not only a kind of item in our lives, but also an attitude, a kind of attention and respect.The treatment of old erotic underwear requires us to carry forward love and courage to take responsibility.

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